Friday, November 14, 2008

The Red One

No photos from me in this post, but a link to where I see the future of photography going. And that is the merging of both still photography and videography. This is already happening with the Red One , the new Nikon D90 and the Canon eos 5d MarkII, with the red one being a digital video camera first but still able to have stills taken from the video and the later two digital SLR cameras that have the ability to shoot video also.

But, Red digital cinema dropped a bomb yesterday with their announcement of the new modular system that will be coming out in the next few years. You can go here to see the announcement and then here for some more information on this modular system.

Basically what founder Jim Jannard, yep founder of Oakley glasses, has done is come up with a system that is upgradable, downgradable and with the ability to switch parts between all the other parts. Basically a highly customizable system that let's you invent what you need. Think legos but for photography and video. Damn Cool!

Now I have a year to save up my pennies and think of a good lie/excuse for the signifigant other to get one of these Reds. Any suggestions on the lies?

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