Tuesday, November 11, 2008

2008 Pottery Northwest Student Show

For this years Pottery Northwest student show I actually had some pieces to submit (last year I was taking my first ceramics class and did not have any pieces yet). There are some wonderful ceramics in this years show. I am amazed at what some people are creating. If you have time and are in the neighborhood today or tomorrow you might still be able to see some of the ceramics on display because the show will be coming down tomorrow to get ready for a residents, Matt Allison, exit show. Matt's show opens this friday November 14, 2008.

Anyways back to the student show. I was able to get a few pieces in, three different mugs, two from my Soda Fire class and one from the Get a Handle On It class. I also had a pitcher and a saki set in the show. These two pieces are done in a damascus style, or what some people might call a marbling effect. Basically I take two different clays mix them together and then throw them on the wheel. After throwing the clay I need to trim the surface a little to expose the pattern made with the two different clays. The pattern is more pronounced in the Saki set. Both the saki set and the pitcher are from the soda class.

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