Friday, March 13, 2009

Photos in Metropolitan Home april 2009 magazine

Metropolitan Home printed a couple of my photos in their latest April 2009 issue. You can see the pictures here (uncropped) or on pages 100-101 (two page spread) and 105. These are photographs of a Place House located in Kirkland, WA. I took the photos back in August of 2008 when I was still working for Place Architects.

There are a couple of interesting events about these pictures being published in Met Home. First they are only 5 megapixel images and on top of that the 2-page spread image has been cropped. Second, Metropolitan Home had their own photographer go out to document the whole house, but they preferred my exterior photographs. Last, the photographs have been printed terribly. What I think has happened is my images were left in an RGB format but then printed in a CMYK format. Which would cause the extreme color change and loss of dynamic range seen in the magazine. There is no reason for this though. The images should of been converted in photoshop first to CMYK before sent to the printers. Of course this is all conjecture, but from my expereince these seems to be the likely culprit.

Still it is fun to have some more of my photographs published.