Monday, August 28, 2006

Mushroom Mania

It is mushroom time in Athens, well at least in my yard it is. I have different varieties of mushrooms popping up all over my yard. And to celebrate this I am taking pictures of them. I think I have gotten the technique down now. First put on a long sleeve shirt, pants, socks and shoes. Next get the OFF out and spray yourself down. Then I get my knee pads out and head on out in the yard. This way my knees do not hurt from laying in the dirt and the mosquitoes don't suck me dry.

What comes about are pictures like this. Plus a new idea for a photo show, "Shroom Crazy" or maybe "Shroom Yard" or "A yard full of Mushrooms" or . . . I just have not decided on a name for the show yet. I will have to think on it some more.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Stanely Park

In Vancouver you can’t miss it on the map. Because, it is just as big as downtown Vancouver. Stanely park is used and respected by the people of Greater Vancouver. What with biking, roller blading, running and walking trails dispersed through out, how could they not. It has playing fields, salmon restoration streams, a light house, a totem pole park, boat clubs and many more items that I just wasn’t able to see in my brief vacation there. Any city would be lucky to have a quarter of what Stanely Park provides for Vancouver.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Totem Poles

I have seen pictures of totem poles in various presentations in College but they never really did much for me. But, once I saw them in real life, WOW! They have this unbelievable presence that just captures your attention. You can feel the culture, artistry and personality of them. If you ever get the chance to see one, take it.