Friday, November 14, 2008

Barack Obama Campaign Photos

Reading the Online Photographer this morning I read his post on the's pick of the best 35 photos of President Elect Barack Obama's campaign. After going to the link and was overcome with emotion again as a scrolled through the photos. I felt this lifting of oppression that has been weighing me down for the past eight years. It is amazing what a little hope in a bright future can make your life feel that much better. Once January 20, 2009 comes around we can finally pull that weed called Bush from our politics roots and all.

I think this relief has permeated through Seattle. Some facts to help prove that statement, at my wife's hair salon, before the election they were booked solid for massages. Since the day after the election on November 4, they haven't had anyone walk in or book a massage. Ahhh the relief of tension melting away.

The photos are definetly worth a look. So go check them out.

Another good site to check out on photos of Obama's campaign is Scout Tufankjian. I really like the Secret Service series. Well worth checking out also. I hear Scout will be coming out with a photo book on the campaign. Here is the Amazon link to the book.

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