Tuesday, October 17, 2006

A view from the hammock

This past Sunday I finally had some time to just relax. I got all of the chores that needed to be done, finished, along with it being a nice day out and there being no mosquitoes flying around to suck me dry I went and lay in the hammock. AAAahhh, nice and peaceful.

I might not get many more of these days this week, what with the predicted rain all day, everyday this week. So, I will have to keep coming back to these photos to relax now.

Friday, October 13, 2006

200th Anniversary Celebration of Old College

Today, UGA, had the 200th Anniversary Celebration for Old College. Which is the oldest building on Campus. The event went nicely, with just 4 speeches and then a mass ribbon cutting. Along with this being the 200th anniversary it was also a celebration for the completion of the latest renovation done to the building.

I was able to get a couple nice photos, along with the many other photographers that were at the event. And here are a couple of them.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Riding the bus to work in Athens, GA

I usually ride the bus or walk to work, here in Athens, GA. Either way it is a minimum of mile walk. And I love doing it. I love that I live only a couple of miles from work, I can walk to work or take the bus if I am more in a hurry and that I don't have to commute.

So to celebrate riding the bus, here is a photograph I took while riding the bus to work the other morning.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Real World Casting in Athens, GA

Yesterday, MTV, had Real World Castings in Athens, GA. This event made for some great photography opportunities, while at the same time making for a great place to people watch. Here are a few photos I captured later on in the day.

An interesting event that would happen while taking these photographs, was how the people would act. Once they saw me, and would think or say "Hey, Real World Photographer" their attitudes would completely change. And they would start to "ham" it up. Too funny.

Monday, October 02, 2006

There it a fire in the back

Well, I was having a nice weekend until midnight last night that is. When someone in the apartments behind us decided that throwing cigarette butts into ivy, which had been previously sprayed with Wasp killing Insect spray, was an OK thing to do. First, throwing cigarette butts anywhere is not ok, and second insect spray is flammable. What followed was a fire that, of course, went uphill into our yard. Luckily, my wife and I were still up and heard that interesting crackling noise that fire makes. Where upon we saw that the backyard was lit up and not from a bar-b-cue with to much lighter fluid.

We were able to get the fire out with the garden hose, but still had the fire department come out. Because with fire you don't mess around, blacksmithing, California and friends in fire departments have taught me that.

This leads me to 2 interesting observations about Georgians. The first observation is that Georgians flick, throw, drop and spit cigarette butts out of moving vehicles, when just walking around and/or even when on the porch. Hello people, that’s how fires start. In California, if someone did that, you would be hunted down.

The second observation is that Georgians are litter bugs. They drop trash everywhere, and don’t even bat an eyelash about it, even when you confront them about it. Whenever a coworke and I go fishing, we will bring a bag to collect trash, not ours but from others, and we always fill it up. I have decided that during the 70’s and 80’s they never played the “Give a Hoot, Don’t Pollute” ads on TV in Georgia. And just to show that I am not making this up, take a look at these photos of UGA’s north campus the day after a football game. They speak for themselves.