Monday, April 27, 2009

Forged part three

Recently I took a basic tool making class at Pratt Fine Arts Center. The teacher was David Tuthill of Fire Horse Forge. You can find his website here. His shop is right down the Burke Gilman Trail from where I live. Which might not bode well for him, because I will probably be dropping by often to check it out :)

During the class/workshop's two days we got to make a couple of hammers and the tools to make them with. The photo is two of three hammers I completed during the workshop. The third hammer has a handle on it and I am actually using it in ceramics right now. David was a great teacher, being extremely helpful and knowledgeable. The best part was being able to finally use a power hammer, oooohhhh I want one.

The blacksmith facilities at Pratt were good, though I wonder how crowded it could get with a big class. Luckily there were only three of us in our class.

Now all I need is a place to work and I can start cranking out some hammers among other things.

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