Friday, April 24, 2009

Forged part two

Staying with the theme of opening devices, here is a wizard bottle opener. I think a majority of blacksmiths have a version of this bottle opener. But everyone seems to bring something different to the design.Through the years of blacksmithing at various fairs with my friend Mike Carson the wizard bottle opener is the only thing that has ever led to me being called a satanist. This happened at the California state fair, Mike was doing a little demonstration at one end of the booth while I was drinking some water. When I picked up these words floating from the crowd "Let's go, all of this satanic stuff is bothering me". I was stunned and outraged at the same time. Something in me just couldn't let that go, so I spoke up, which almost never happens. I asked "What satanic stuff". Where upon I focused on the lady who started acting all nervous and mumbled to herself, "You weren't supposed hear that". She then started pointing to the wizard heads and some meat turners with rams heads on them that Mike makes.

Again I was just stunned by the ignorance of this lady, to just assume we were satanists because of some wizard bottle opener or rams head. Of course my anger go the best of me and the only response I could must was "Well you better not buy a dodge" as she and her family scrambled away. By this time Mike was amazed that I got that mad, because I usually don't. Once I told him what happened and everybody else in the farm area, we were all doing the goat dance from the Dragnet movie :)

I miss blacksmithing at fairs.

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