Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Jamie Kirkpatrick Pottery

A couple of weeks ago I was over taking photos of my friend Jamie Kirkpatrick's pottery. He is a ceramic artist with a studio over at Florentia, located on the Queen Anne side of the Fremont Bridge.

We were having fun taking pictures while trying out his new light table. I think the light table helped in showing off his wood fired pieces, especially the tea pots. The reason for this is because you can get a better sense of what the whole piece looks like through the photo. Without the illumination from below you wouldn't see all the detail on the bottom side of the teapots.

I have to say I am torn between his teapot (the photo with the three views in it) and the cup (the photo of the single cup) as being his best pieces out of this last wood fire. The flashing and ash deposits are outstanding. All of Jamie's teapots come with a hand built and drilled sieve built right into the teapot, just look at the detail shot of one above. And they work great, I have tried it with the last teapot below, which I bought from Jamie.

If you are interested in any of these pieces by all means stop on by his studio or check out his website. He needs to update his website, which he will be getting too sometime here in the future. In the meantime keep coming back here, you might see some more of his ceramics after his next firing.

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