Thursday, October 23, 2008

Just outside the office

Yesterday morning as I was walking up to the office door, I was greeted by this site. Two large ships out on the Puget Sound before the sun had risen, with their lights on and reflecting in the water. Well I couldn't pass that up, and since I had my camera with me a took a couple of photos. The first few were taken at 1600 ISO, but then the later ones I was able to drop the iso down to 200, because the sun had started rise.

I have taken a couple of other photos from outside the office entrance, but usually I will have a tripod and my zoom lens. This time I only had my 28-108mm lens. You use what you got at the time, and sometimes this causes me to have to think about my composition more and I seem to get some different but interesting photos.

I will have to find and process some of the older photos I have taken from here, especially the ones during sunset from summer.

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