Sunday, January 18, 2009

High Tea at the Empress

After arriving in Victoria, we disembarked the clipper, went through customs, walked up to get the rental car (a small and sexy Smart car), where we deposited our luggage, and then proceeded to walk back down to the warf area and the Empress at the Fairmont.

We walked around for a while waited for 1:45 to come, which was the time we had reserved for our high tea. The last time Jenn and I came to Vancouver Island we had high tea at Buchart Gardens, which was amazing fun. At the Fairmont, high tea was more formal but just as fun. I had their Empress tea blend while Jenn went with the Earl Grey. Both teas were very good, with the Empress blend having more of an earthy/artichoke flavor.

Along with the tea you are served finger sandwiches, a scone and sweets. One of the finger sandwiches was a salmon roll that was out of this world. The salmon was so fresh I could of sworn the sandwich was trying to swim off the platter. The scone came with jam and whipped butter that was oh so good. By this time both of us were getting a little sweeted out, but we carried on and had some of the sweets. The checkered marzipan was my favorite with the cherry grand-marnier coming in at a close second.

All in all we both had a good time though I think I had more fun at the Buchart Gardens high tea, but that might be because the different setting/style. I would still highly recommend it to couples, because it is fun and the service is outstanding. And just visiting The Empress at the Fairmont is worth the trip. It is an amazing piece of architecture for downtown Victoria, BC.

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