Thursday, January 11, 2007

Seattle WA

In my last post I talked about Portland’s Japanese garden, well this post is going to be about Seattle, WA. But the funny thing is that I took an exponentially more amount of photos in Portland, OR then in Seattle, WA. I believe this is because I was trying to observe Seattle with everything I had, because of our decision to move there. Instead of taking photographs where ever and when ever and was looking, feeling, observing, figuring the city out and imagining living there. Because of this I only took a few photos, and all of them in Volunteer Park.

I got a few pictures of a blue heron in the fountain, which at first looked like a statue, but then as you got closer you could see that it was in fact a live blue heron. After this photo we walked around the park and ended up at the green house in Volunteer park. Which is a very nice green house, and interesting to compare to the old green house on Sapelo Island. The structures where basically the same, with the exception of the new addtion have vinyl instead of wood for most of the mullions. Otherwise, the architecture/use has not changed .

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