Monday, January 22, 2007

Men's Fishing Trip

Every year, the week after memorial day, the males of my extended family get together for a “Men’s Fishing Trip” in the Sawtooth National Forest of Idaho. It will last a week, consisting of eating, fishing, eating, fishing then drinking, eating and drinking with some smoking. Additionally, some of us did some hiking and for me and my dad, photographing too.

This last year, 2006, I finally had time to go again. The last time I had gone to the fishing trip was in 1994, I believe. I was finally able to visit with a lot of extended family I have not seen since then, if not longer.

As usual the main hang out is the Easley Gulch cabin given the names: Britton's Inn, Doug's Condo, and Uncle Tom's Cabin, depending on who is staying there at the moment. Just above this cabin is the Proctor's Palace, A.K.A. At-Las_Ta cabin. Then over on Newman Creek Road is the last cabin, the Kaiser cabin.

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