Thursday, January 11, 2007

First blog of the New Year

It has been a while since my last blog. Life just seems to speed up and leave the blog behind. Well, I am going to try and keep it updated more frequently this year. And to start the year off I will be writing about all of the events I wanted to post last year.

Last December I and my wife went out to Seattle, WA and then Portland, OR. My wife, Jennifer, had interviews for a new job while I went along to give input and what area I would like to live in. Well, we decided on Seattle, WA where my wife got a great job and we both liked the feel of the city.

Well enough of the life story, now it is time to move onto the photos. One stop that everyone needs to make when visiting Portland, OR is the Japanese garden. It is the best Japanese garden I and my wife have been too. It is well maintained, meditative, tranquil, beautiful, very detailed and planned out, and well worth the price of admission. What I have here are some photos of the garden, mostly looking at the details, which are unreal and well thought out. I have now visited the garden in the winter and summer, and once I move out to Seattle, WA I will have to go in the fall and spring too. Then I will be able to feel a completion for seeing all of the seasons at this garden.

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