Monday, February 01, 2010

Sheep Herder's Carvings Part Three

All of these carvings are found on aspen trees. Aspens are easy to carve in and the carvings are prominent because of the way the bark grows on the tree. The only problems though is the short life span of the Aspen tree, diseases that are killing the aspens and that you can not preserve the bark in any way. This make photographic documentation the only way to keep the historic value of the carvings for later generations.
This would be a great photography assignment. It would be a long one, especially for me, because there are carvings in many different areas in the Sawtooth National Forest and surrounding areas. But I will be keeping my eye out for these and document the carvings as I come across them.

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jdw Britton said...

This would be an interesting gallery show.