Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The first fire

We had our first fire in our new apartment over Labor day weekend. Fireplace fire that is. That's right, our apartment has a fireplace. Which is going to make for a much easier winter to deal with in Seattle. It is amazing how much a fire can make you feel comfortable and relaxed. The last time we were able to do this was in our home back in Athens, GA.

Of course I got the camera out and had to take a couple of photos. I find it interesting what fire can do to me. It has this hypnotizing effect while at the same time it is able to instill a sense of respect/danger at the same time. Maybe that is why I have gone into crafts that rely on fire. Blacksmithing and Ceramics being the two crafts.

Enjoy the fire, because I know I will be enjoying them over this winter.

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