Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Wood Fire unloading

After the wood fire was completed, we had to wait a week to give the ceramics time to cool down. Well only until Saturday December 13, 2008.

Everyone in the class had to drive out to al's place again on Whidbey Island to spend a day unloading and cleaning the kiln. I tried to document the unloading of the kiln as well as I could. I find that this is actually one of the most revealing parts of the whole process. Documenting the pieces in the kiln before they come out gives you an idea and insight on how future pieces can be placed, wadded, and stacked to give you certain flashing, coloring and ash glazing. Especially as you look at your ceramics later on and go back to these pictures to see where they were placed in the kiln.

Again, I had a great time doing the wood fire class and look forward to doing it again in the future, hopefully really soon.

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