Sunday, December 28, 2008

Snow in Seattle

I drove my wife to work back on the 17th of December, when it really started to snow here in Seattle. It was around 6:45 in the morning, dark with the snow coming down hard. There was no traffic in the city (Seattle is that way early in the morning)which gave me the opportunity to drive her in slowly but surely.

Right before we left the apartment I grabbed my camera to get some shots. And I am glad I did because I got a couple decent shots in the morning. I was even able to catch the SLUT (South Lake Union Transit) in the snow.

After getting back to the apartment, I proceeded to get bundled up, packed all my camera gear and headed out into the snow to get some photos of the Fremont Area. First I went to the Fremont bridge and started taking photos of the bridge and views from the bridge. While photographing this area I actually got to see a beaver swimming around. I wasn't able to get a decent photo of him, because I had the camera mounted on my tripod which was on the bridge and shook everytime a car would drive over it. I had to wait until no cars were on the bridge to take photographs. Even so, it was still exciting to see the beaver. This makes the second time I have seen a beaver while walking over the Fremont bridge in Seattle.

At this time a single crew rowed down the canal. I just have to say that person was FREAKING CRAZY! Made for a good photo though.

After taking photos on the bridge I walked down to West Lake Union to try and take a photo of Gas Works Park in the snow. But by that time the snow was coming down so thick you could barely see Gas Works Park, crazy, just crazy. I then decided to walk over to Gas Works Park and get some pictures up close.

While walking over to the park on the Burke-Gilman Trail I took a couple of snapshots to try and document how much snow was coming down at that time. I took some of the Aurora Bridge, murals, the trail and close ups of the snow on berries.

Once I got to the park people were already there sledding down the hill and just walking around enjoying the snow. I know I was enjoying the snow and taking photographs in it. I think I took a couple of decent shots that day and I got some more a couple of days later when it snowed even more. I will get to that in my next post.

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