Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Working on the Workflow

I have been reading through Peter Krogh's book "The DAM Book Digital Asset Management for Photographers" to get my workflow setup. Peter's book is well worth the $35 us dollars. He goes over all aspects of Digital Asset Management, from taking photos to downloading/renaming, rating, converting to dng, archiving, keywording, etc etc. Lots to read through but again well worth it.

The problems I am running into are, wife is in Grad school, which leads to dust bunnies in the wallet, which leads to me not being able to afford more hard drive space. And boy do I need more hard drive space. I would love to be able to purchase some internal harddrives and set them up in a hot swappable external case for my computer (read the Dam book and you will understand). I seem to be stuck on this. I don't want to create more images because I really don't have the hard drive space to store them and/or work on them.

I need to work past this somehow.

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cosburn said...

Aaron, I'm new to Athens and just found your blog while looking for a yoga studio for my wife.
I just had to add more hard drive space myself. You can do it for well under $100 bucks. I just saw an internal hardrive advertised for $35 this past weekend!
As for the case, I have seen them for as low as $25. $55 to secure your work is well worth it.
Check out my blog... citizenphoto.blogspot.com