Tuesday, April 11, 2006

My art in an Ad shoot

While hanging up my show at the Grit, I found out that there was going to be a photo shoot, ad campaign for American Eagle clothing. The art director wanted to keep my photos in the shoot. Since I have no beef with American Eagle, I signed a release form.

What is even more exciting, at least for me, was that I got to go to the shoot. Wow, this is one big production. Assistants all over the place, with their own assistants. People from all over the world coming together for one day. The American Eagle photo and video shoot had taken over most of the area around The Grit and The Go Bar.

What I found most interesting was that the photographer was still using medium format film. She was shooting polaroid like nothing else. Then she would go back inside the Grit (at this time they were shooting just outside in the crosswalk) and wate for the polaroids to finish developing. Where upon she and the art director with an assistant would look the polaroids over and decide if that's what they wanted. I would think that medium format digital would of worked better for her in this situation. Shoot the photo right to the laptop, instantly, look over with the art director and then move on. But, maybe she has not made the switch to digital yet. Or, maybe she has used film for years, and that is what she comfortable with. hhhmmmm, something to think about. Me, I would be using digital.

While watching this all go on by standing in the background, I finally came to the thought, look at all of this, and just to capture the new theme in the fashion/photo industry, Southern Chic. Huh.


Sledge said...

I truly think you should take up a hobby. Judging from this long winded dissertation you obviously have too much time on your hands. And my, aren't we full of ourselves? Don't give up your day job. My half blind Aunt Minnie could do better with her old Brownie. Are you sure you know where the focus is? At least, thank God, you aren't torturing metal any more.
Mike Hunt
P.S. I saw that...that was cool!
P.P.S. Do it again!

Aaron Britton said...

Well, I got tired of torturing metal where upon I decided to follow our current administrtations habits and move on to torturing people.

And Sledge, we all know about Aunt Minnie, and her naughty photographs.

P.S. What'chya doin mister?
P.P.S. Long live BISS