Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Portfolio Photography Cassius Basaltic Clay 7

Here is a small bowl I did out of the Cassius Basaltic Clay.

The liner glaze is a PB (Plastic Bitrox) Liner. This glaze works very well with this clay because the PB Liner is able to be fired with a range of cone 4 to cone 14. So if the cassius Basaltic clay still has gasses to be released, even after a longer bisque period, the PB Liner stays in a liquid / molten state for a longer time, giving the gasses from the clay time to escape without creating cratering in the glazing.

The PB Liner recipe with Percentage by Weight:
Colemanite 50%
Plastic Bitrox 50%
Zircopax 10%

To fill a 5 gallon bucket only 3 quarters full you would use
Colemanite 3000 grams
Plastic Bitrox 3000 grams
Zircopax 600 grams

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Linda Starr said...

Thanks for this glaze recipe, can't wait to try it, but that combo of the white slip with clear over the top is sure appealing.