Sunday, January 16, 2011

Portfolio Photography Sagar fire pieces 1

Another double post day. Life got busy yesterday and I forgot to post to my blog again.

Now I am going to be starting with some of my sagar fired work. Sagar fire is where you smooth/polish the pieces before firing. You then take those ceramic items and place them in a bigger container that can be sealed off. That container is filled with combustible items (ie sawdust, seaweed, salt, horse hair, banana peals, etc.). You can wrap the ceramic pieces with different items as well (ie, copper, brass, bronze, steel wire or mesh, etc.) These sealed containers are then placed in a gas kiln and fired just hot enough to combust the sawdust,etc so that is smokes. These creates the different patterns on the ceramic pieces.

This is a taller container where I played with the handle. I actually had other pieces inside this container as well. Think container within a container within another container.

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