Saturday, August 29, 2009

A bear finally

Well I finally got to see a bear in Idaho. Of all the many years of going to the family cabin growing up and the many years since then I have never seen a bear. Patience pays off, because not only did I get to see one multiple times but now I am able to photograph it, sweet.

We believe this was probably just a 2 year old brown bear. Slummin' it in the neighborhood of cabins near Easly Hot Springs and Baker Creek Road in the Sawtooth National Forest. I captured these photos at my uncle's cabin.

We knew the bear was out and about so we were keeping all the trash inside and keeping things clean. Of course there are those little things you forget about, like leaving some old hamburger buns out on the stump for the chipmunks and birds. Well add bear to that list now. This bear was even caught trying to steel bird seed from a bird feeder. Talk about your lazy Yogi bear.

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