Thursday, November 16, 2006

Sapelo Island part 2

To get down to Sapelo Island I will usually drive South on 129/441 to interstate 16 where I then exit off and take 23 to 57 and from 57 to the ferry. But, this time I got stuck behind a house. Yes that’s right, a house. And to top it off I was the first car to get stuck behind it.

So, to get to the ferry on time I cut across on 278 at Madison to then went down 15. That turned out to be a very nice side trip.

First off I got a great photo of an old red barn with an old truck parked in it. Secondly I got to drive through some of the prettiest and well kept, architecturally speaking in a Historic preservation way, cities/towns. This started with the city of Greensboro through Sparta, Warthen, Sandersville, Wrightsville and then Adrian. If you have the time I recommend the drive, you just can’t see towns with this type of Architecture that often.

It would be an amazing photography project to go and document the architecture in these towns, even if it was just the city hall buildings. I will have to try and make time somewhere and try it.

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